…and Sonny caught a Rudd

17 June 2007 // Caught By...

Saturday 16th June. First day of the new fishing season….

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Record Of The Week – Mexican Boleros

8 June 2007 // Music

“It was music, which millions of Latinos fell in love to, found pleasure in and cuckold others to: The Mexican Bolero. The rise began in Mexico City’s brothels, finding its prime in the Golden Thirties, when it conquered the whole continent with beautiful tear-jerking songs. The Amazonian jungle, the Argentinean pampas or the New York […]

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Caught By The River is…

3 June 2007 // Miscellany

I hadn’t been fishing in years. I started going again, in Devon around 2002 with my brother, Stephen, a life long angler and an all time Legend. I didn’t have a hometown fishing buddy until Andrew, who himself hadn’t been fishing in years, said that he would like to come with me. Our first trip […]

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