Stret Pegging for Zola

29 November 2007 // Arcadia

ja that old black box of ted hughes’s frayed lines you picked up from autumn’s last bung fair came in handy on your drive home then. you conjoured illusion there, the grit they forgot to spread on saturday night for blizzard sunday, for the snow that caught the bulldozer rusting behind the smoke sheds and […]

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Sweet Bitter Love

29 November 2007 // Music

Aretha Franklin coughs, someone, probably a studio technician, is chatting away and leaves the studio for a cup of coffee. He doesn’t even seem to know that this will end up as something, anything at all, worth keeping. Aretha stops playing. Finally, she starts again. A drummer, no one seems to remember his name, looks […]

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Bossa Nova

29 November 2007 // Books //Music

Jeff Nara Leao and Bob Le Flambeur. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you get a chance check out a book by Ruy Castro called Bossa Nova – it’s just about best music book I’ve read. Got mine cheap off Amazon, and well worth investigating. Check this out from it about the great […]

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The Two Terriers Press

28 November 2007 // Caught By...

New John Richardson cards, for Christmas Water Like A Stone Mistletoe Thrush A Pool, a Pike and then two pints The Two Terriers Press

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Brasil, Brasil

27 November 2007 // Music

BBC Four are running a season of films about Brazilian music. Looks good. This Friday’s is Tropicalia. A good excuse to put up some cool record covers then; Brasil, Brasil

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