Shadows & Reflections – Jeff Barrett

31 December 2007 // Shadows & Reflections

2007: Lots of good fishing. Having more confidence. Not necessarily catching more fish but realising that I do know what I’m doing. Special company & memorable fish; Jan 3rd, the Kennet at Barton Court, Matt’s 2 lb 9oz Perch. Happy New Year; The first visit to a lake in Hampshire, with Justin. Not really knowing […]

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Shadows & Reflections – Music

30 December 2007 // Music //Shadows & Reflections

This wasn’t the plan. It wasn’t even the question. We didn’t really want “lists”, we wanted thoughts, reflections, reminiscences on the special things that have happened this year. They have been brilliant too and I think, they give a real insight into the character of the contributors. I have written something about my Caught By […]

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Shadows & Reflections – Andrew Walsh

29 December 2007 // Shadows & Reflections

It’s good to take time out and reflect. That’s one of the reasons why I go fishing. 2007 has seen the birth of Caught By The River and that has to be the years highlight. I suggested the idea to Jeff sometime early in 2006 but it was left dormant as we got on with […]

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Roger Deakin on the Radio

28 December 2007 // Books

The moat at Walnut Tree Farm in Springtime If Roger Deakin was alive today I hope that he would like Caught By The River. I would be trying to contact him, asking if he would write something for us. imagine if he did, wouldn’t that be something. Both of his books, “Waterlog” (1999) and “Wildwood” […]

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Caught By The Reaper – Tony Wilson

28 December 2007 // Music //Remembrance

Tony Wilson, Factory Records, Manchester, February 20, 1950 – August 10, 2007 Tony was a journalist but will be forever remembered for his antics in the music industry, a place where his intelligence, wit and anti establishment attitude were not always tolerated but did actually make a difference. He was also someone that I knew. […]

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