The Path of Most Resistance

31 January 2008 // On Water

Water is smart. Way smarter than us. It worked out gravity long before Galileo, Newton & Eisenstein kicked it around. Water is lazy in that it takes the path of least resistance. Down its snaking, unpredictable, poetic path, there sits geometry in love with geography. It’s enough to make a skater’s knees wilt. Man being […]

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Caught By The River Mole

31 January 2008 // Caught By...

Hi Jeff I’ve been making the most of my new found freedom since passing my driving test. Saturday was spent exploring country lanes and secluded still waters near my folks place outside Horsham. At long last I was able to investigate those flashes of water, glimpsed through trees as you’d speed past in the passenger […]

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Tea, Cake & Scrabble

29 January 2008 // Caught By...

Hi John, Nothing at Osterley. To be honest, my heart wasn’t in it. Had a real tricky end of week and, nowt against the guys but I could of done with a bit of solitary. Dropped the kids at school and off up the A4 beneath a big blue sky of optimism. The skywriter of […]

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The Navy Lark

26 January 2008 // Arcadia

ja osterley. even the name sounds like catacombs of doomsday pike, bones piled and sifted in their field of honour at the foot of that dam wall. and maybe when the wind snuffs out the parallel world, the sound of the M4 becomes a ghostly perlon whistling through the ceramic rings of bill keal’s pike […]

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22 January 2008 // Arcadia

dp while you were digging in the town pit for half scaled medieval relics, fat monks with red fins, me and jeff took the sixties back streets from white city down the A4 towards isleworth. every traffic light scene a sweeney set, every turn off a light industrial dead end with more broken windows than […]

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