Caught By The Liver – Cains Raisin & Orion

18 January 2008 // Food and Drink

an occasional nod to exceptional tipples As we’ve been working our way through January with an aching liver, it seems an appropriate time to launch the new Caught By The Liver section of the site. Corny name we know, but seeing as we love a drink, we thought we’d share some of our favourites with […]

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The Coracle Maker

17 January 2008 // On Water

My name is Bernard Thomas. My father was a coracle man, but because of the war and then bringing up children I didn’t start making them until I was about 52. I go fishing at night. The number on the side is B1. In the dark the bailiff comes and sees the number and say […]

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17 January 2008 // Miscellany

tree: giant sequoia owner: tommyc (view other images by tommyc) location: mariposa grove city: yosemite, california country: usa field notes: fallen giant sequoia root structure (father in foreground for sense of scale) the wooden branch

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Last Train Out Before The Lines Were Blown.

15 January 2008 // Arcadia

ja your kind words leave a fireside blush. as long as you laughed, and it echoed down the empty corridors of the dead mansions like a shoal of bream-coughs in a kent borstal, you can skip the iodine chapters. i hear your fishing fixtures are being cancelled one-by-one as the participants drop like 3oz leads […]

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New Years Resolution

11 January 2008 // Miscellany

My New Year’s Resolution – rather than do something for the last time this is about doing something for the first time. Mine is… Attend the annual memorial service at the Chattri just outside Brighton. In the middle of an unremarkable field tucked into a fold of the South Downs is a remarkable war memorial. […]

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