29 February 2008 // Music

really ace piece on Dan Penn, Tommy Cogbill and the awesome Masqueraders Masqueraders album at Amazon

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Pleasures Of February

28 February 2008 // Pleasures

( aka what dipped our floats this month) Feist “Love You Inside Out” (Sumo Refix version) “The English Year” by Steve Roud The Damned United Lake Windermere Hard Candy Ella Fitzgerald sings Duke Ellington Clydie King Julie London June Christy “Blind – Frankie Knuckles remix” Hercules and Love Affair Rivers Mole, Thames, Culm Michael Crick […]

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Van Gogh Fields

28 February 2008 // Books

Behind me the fields of grass swayed nosily in the breeze. Perhaps ‘swayed’ doesn’t do this vision justice. Neither, for that matter, does ‘field of grass’. Let us start this vision again in order to gain a better sense of clarity. After all, there are many depictions of fields within literature which I am competing […]

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Dynamo Kev

26 February 2008 // Arcadia

ja sorry for the delay… lines were down after a nuclear strike from the electric company, a well aimed million volt power surge knocked out the 8 houses in my hamlet, smoke pouring from electrical goods two fridays back just as we were all plugging in our toasters and downloading the morning post. my modem […]

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The great Roger Deakin.

26 February 2008 // Books

Piece on the Guardian blog here.

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