Marmalade Cake

25 February 2008 // Food and Drink

Cake plays a very important part in fishing. It’s pretty much guaranteed that, after the ritual recitation – “I reckon it’s gonna be a good day today” – has been made and agreed with by all, that the next words my pals say are: “Has Wendy made a cake?”. When fishing with friends, stopping for […]

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21 February 2008 // Caught By...

Attack of the killer fish? It sounds incredible. Apparently a savage fish more terrifying than a piranha is invading the UK. It can even “kill people”. Sorry, I mistyped that quote, it should be “KILL people”. The story that’s got The Sun newspaper and a few other tabloids in a feeding frenzy is a report […]

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Another Place

14 February 2008 // Miscellany

I spent the weekend on an ale trail round the British Isles as part of a book project I’m working on. Managed to fit in just the one piece of culture, but what a piece – Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” installation at Crosby Beach just near Liverpool. Fog had come down over night, but by […]

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Local Heroes

13 February 2008 // Food and Drink

Interesting piece in today’s Guardian about food and local distinctiveness. If it sparks anything with you, it’s well worth checking out the brilliant book “The Taste Of Britain”, which is kind of like a gastronomic “England In Particular”. Still haven’t actually plucked up the courage to cook up a dinner of Bath Chaps though… RT […]

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You’ll Never Make The Station

13 February 2008 // Arcadia

dp the last of the few marched from the birdtable via redan hill and sebastopol road to the east bank aldershot with a pint of bull’s blood from the crimea fresh in our throats. to stand in a february fog in tailored red coats with brass buttons, led by a drummer boy who took the […]

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