Raising Sand Live

23 May 2008 // Music

For a while back there, I worried that I was alone last year in wishing that Robert Plant would knit off the Zeppelin reunion and get himself out on the road with Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett. On the evidence of a gig I recently witnessed, I very much doubt I was. For two […]

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Guilt Free Beer

21 May 2008 // Food and Drink

Been a while since we’ve posted a ‘Caught By The Liver’ so here goes… Much as I try to live my life as eco-consciously as possible, annoyingly there’s always a concession to be made when it comes to beer, and trying to work out the air miles (beer miles?) that a bottle of Little Creatures […]

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Pistol Shrimp & Water Song

21 May 2008 // Music

WATER SONG This is a exciting and immersive composition based on recordings by Chris Watson, who is arguably Britain’s leading wildlife sound recordist. Water Song captures the rhythmic beat of individual drops seeping through cracks and dripping off stalactites in the glow worms caves of Waitomo in New Zealand, the chattering gurgle of a mountain […]

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20 May 2008 // Arcadia

dp whilst you were perfecting the art of the drive-by, french style, i was out wandering the old english close season, the only map the one i was making up as i walked along. leaving the heath behind i headed down the hill past the ghost site of fields tackle shop on highgate road the […]

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Thought For The Week

18 May 2008 // Miscellany

I like this quote. It was given to the writer Sean O’ Hagen by the psychologist and author Adam Phillips, when he asked him what would be the single thing that might make us more content in our ever accelerating culture….. “We need to find the time to daydream and be bored, and to see […]

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