Andrews of Arcadia

18 June 2008 // Caught By...

ladies and gentlemen the hunting horn has been sounded on the heath and the mist has cleared onto another season of coarse fishing. to celebrate this glorious occasion i have a small number of john richardson ‘specials’ – floats to the uninitiated – remaining and for sale on the stall as well as the usual […]

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17 June 2008 // Music

Jeff Realise you’ll probably be off fishing, but thought you might like to share this. It’s a new blog dedicated to old brazilian music videos, and there’s some great stuff on there already. Bosse Filmes Best wishes Kevin Pearce

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Buster Crabbe’s Baitdropper

17 June 2008 // Arcadia

DP It was too much, the wait for the beginning of the season, the false alarms, the rumours, the pictures of fat birds from France and the people who went over the top too early only to be shot in the back of the head by the baliff or sent to Porton Down to be […]

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Gone Fishing

15 June 2008 // Caught By...

Wishing you all a glorious 16th. Back soon……

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14 June 2008 // Caught By...

on my behalf, your brothers in the resistance wish you all a memorable june 16th. tight lips dp

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