Something For The Weekend

25 July 2008 // Miscellany

Chris Watson Workshop | London 27th – 28th July 2008 Monday 28th July (+ Sunday 27th July) 10am – 5pm (exact Sunday times to follow) Field Recording in & around an Urban River with Chris Watson Museum of Garden History, Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7LB. Price: £60 (Students – £45) Following the success of […]

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Mercury Music

23 July 2008 // Music

Another year, another list, another pub conversation. “What??”, “Who?”, “Why?” I’m just really pleased that Rachel Unthank & The Winterset have been nominated (for the Mercury Music Prize) for their record ‘The Bairns’. I love this record and they truly lit me up at Glastonbury last month. Genuinely beautiful stuff. But, hey, each to his […]

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Vodka & Carp Wedding Recipe

23 July 2008 // Food and Drink //Miscellany //On Water

by Katie Thompson The vodka drinking was into its second day and the English were getting grumpy. They’d been trying to keep up with the Poles to no avail. Now they were looking peaky and acting odd, and they still had another day of beer-drinking to go (the wedding party originally started in the second […]

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Alice Oswald – The Thing In The Gap Stone Stile

22 July 2008 // Books

by Katherine Venn It is Alice Oswald who I credit with really getting me into poetry as an adult – both reading contemporary poetry, and also writing myself. I remember reading a piece about her and her book-length poem, Dart, some time in the summer of 2002, in The Times. I was so captured by […]

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A Different Kind Of Fishing

21 July 2008 // Music

by Kevin Pearce I saw some headline the other day where the Tory leader was saying people who were addicted to drugs and drink had made their own lifestyle choices, so tough luck. Yeah, right. It’s as easy as that. Well, we all have our own addictions. Mine was records. I used to buy stacks […]

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