Iain Sinclair in todays Guardian Review

30 August 2008 // Books

‘Man In A Macintosh’ – Iain Sinclair tells the story of his quest for knowledge of a lost literary Londoner, from todays Guardian review. Get the paper itself if you’re not too late as the piece includes a portrait photo of the subject, Henry Cohen, in which Sinclair describes brilliantly as having, “…(the face of […]

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Five Dials – Issue 2

28 August 2008 // Books

FIVE DIALS — twenty pages of new writing and reading, with a previously unpublished essay by the late great Roger Deakin; an appreciation of Roger by Robert Macfarlane; guerilla gardener Richard Reynolds on DIY grassroots activism; Jay Griffiths on the wild wisdom of trees; poetry by Benjamin Markovits; a new short story by Arthur Bradford […]

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Letters From Arcadia

27 August 2008 // Arcadia

‘Grape-Shot Of Wrath’ ja thanks for your retro-blaster, the diamond dogs and one sergeant pepper on a midsummer jig, a doctor hook and the ferrule hound with the latching eyes; deserves its head on a bankstick with two rods between its ears. perch-trained i hope. while you were brewing guy fawkes crumb for fly tipping […]

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The Changing Dimensions Of The Deep

24 August 2008 // On Water

by Chris Yates, from his forthcoming book ‘Out Of The Blue’. Originally published in yesterday’s Telegraph. Photo by Matt Spence The chug back west in late afternoon became increasingly bumpy as a breeze picked up from the south, and by the time we got back to the cottage there was a proper wind blowing. My […]

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Richard Price & The Lush Life

22 August 2008 // Books

by Clayton Moore, this article originally appeared on Bookslut So I’ll live a lush life in some small dive And there I’ll be While I rot with the rest of those Whose lives are lonely too. – Billy Strayhorn, “Lush Life” For some reason, I end up having to go stalk perfectly well-behaved writers just […]

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