The BBC Radiophonic Workshop by Chris Watson

31 October 2008 // Music

Mute are issuing a series of BBC Radiophonic Workshop recordings, starting on Monday. We asked friend of the river Chris Watson for a few words about them: “I love these works. For me they range from being highly nostalgic to completely unknown and between the three discs also span a significant time in the development […]

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Letter from Arcadia

31 October 2008 // Arcadia

ja clocks went dark on a squint-eyed moon. garlic and silver onion bulbs purchased at the autumn fair not for a song but an aria, from dordogne dog-track onion sellers, winter onions like white-chocolate pop-ups, russian eyeballs to dib in straw beds next first quarter, betjeman’s cupolas, the purple garlic the colour of a breton […]

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The Place that Roger Built: Photographs from Walnut Tree Farm

30 October 2008 // Books

by Justin Partyka Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet Roger Deakin. It was always intended that our paths would cross but it didn’t quite happen: I would send him exhibition opening invitations, but I later heard that he was too busy to attend as he hurriedly worked away to finish the writing of […]

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Notes From Walnut Tree Farm

29 October 2008 // Books

review by Tom Hodgkinson. The nature writer Roger Deakin sadly died in 2006, but luckily for us he has left behind three wonderful books. The latest of these, Notes From Walnut Tree Farm, has been compiled from his diaries by his friends Alison Hastie and Terence Blacker. They took the diaries from the last six […]

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Shop By The River

28 October 2008 // Books //Miscellany //Music

Today sees the launch of the Caught By The River shop. In the last eighteen months we’ve spent a lot of time championing everything from books to floats; CDs to beer. We’ve wanted a shop on the site since the beginning and, as of today, it’s up and running. Your one stop shop for all […]

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