The Diary of a Mod

27 October 2008 // Miscellany //Music

Love this. I came across it on this ace Mod(ernist) site, ‘Jack That Cat Was Clean‘. It kinda reminded me of someone I once knew and made me wonder if Bernard ever headed back to the rivers…..(JB) Some extracts from the personal diary of 18 year old Bernard Schofield – October 1964 (Originally published in […]

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Caught By The Reaper – Ray Lowry

27 October 2008 // Remembrance

1944 – October 14, 2008 Chris Salewicz remembers; ‘A rounded human being carrying his fair share of demons.’ That was Ray Lowry’s assessment of Clash frontman Joe Strummer. But Ray Lowry, England’s greatest rock’n’roll artist, might well have been looking in the mirror at his own image, even though – strengthened by his own unremitting […]

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24 October 2008 // Music

Paolo Hewitt tells a young mod’s forgotten story; Of course his real name is not Fame, it’s not even Georgie. It’s Clive, Clive Powell, and he was born 26th June, 1943, in Leigh Lancashire. He grew up there, grew up to be one of the most influential, stylish and underrated musicians this country has ever […]

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Vashti Bunyan

23 October 2008 // Film/TV //Music

For many cult artists, rediscovery comes to them too late, they never live to know that their art has been reappraised, is being loved by generations not even born when they were at work. In the case of Vashti Bunyan, the “Godmother of Freak Folk” (New York Press), 30 years of obscurity ended with the […]

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A key moment in American history is upon us;

23 October 2008 // Miscellany

Greetings all, After many months of media coverage, controversy, rancour, debate, campaigning, astronomical spending and a long, hard slog for all involved, America is finally approaching a pivotal moment in its history. Yes, that’s right: Guns N Roses’ long-awaited album Chinese Democracy has finally been given a release date. On November 23 2008 US citizens […]

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