Caught by the Reaper – Rob Partridge

28 November 2008 // Remembrance

Tony Crean pays tribute to Rob Partridge, his dear friend and all round good guy, who passed away this week; Rob Partridge – A Good Man We all lost a friend this week when Rob Partridge finally finished his quietly epic battle with cancer on Wednesday morning 26th November. Rob was a man who loved […]

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Pleasures of… November – Kurt Jackson

27 November 2008 // Pleasures

Kurt Jackson tells us what dipped his float last month; Been having a ball on the River Avon between Bath and Bristol finishing a 5 year project following and painting the Avon from her source to the estuary at Avonmouth – that transition between green still rural lazy dreamyness to immense muddy industrial estuarine urbaness; […]

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Dancehall style

26 November 2008 // Books //Music

(Nitty Gritty in Jammy’s Yard) book and CD out now on Soul Jazz – available in the Caught By The River shop now! This definitive study of the 1980s Jamaican Dancehall scene features hundreds of exclusive photographs and accompanying text that captures a vibrant, globally influential and yet rarely documented culture that has been mixing […]

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On Demand or On Remand?

25 November 2008 // Music

by Richard King; These last few months I’ve been talking to people who were at the happening end of music in the 80s & 90s. During the course of the conversations the subject of My Bloody Valentine’s summer reunion shows often came up. Unsurprisingly, given that equipment and fees have improved greatly since ’92, the […]

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24 November 2008 // Miscellany

This piece doesn’t really go anywhere but we just got back from Norway with some photos that I wanted to post. It’s just a bit of a background story to why the fuck we were in Oslo and Trondheim this weekend (JB); I just got back from a couple of days in Norway where my […]

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