The 500th Posting on Caught By The River

28 February 2009 // Books //Caught By...

…which happened to coincide with the delivery of a couple of proof copies of our first book, so a doubly proud day in CBTR Towers. The book is due out on June 16th through Cassell Illustrated. It features exclusive writing on the UK’s waterways by the likes of (among many others) Irvine Welsh, Gavin Pretor […]

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…I Live By The River

27 February 2009 // Music //Remembrance

Read about this in today’s Independent – loving the sound of it, think a trip out West might be in order.

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Bloke Walks Into A Pub

26 February 2009 // Food and Drink

So there we were, me and Andrew, minding our own business, enjoying the first pint of the day (at The Cow in Westbourne Park, the perfect place to ease yourself gently into tomorrow’s hangover) when a bloke comes up and asks us how the beer is. We’d gone off-piste that morning when we each opted […]

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Letter From Arcadia

26 February 2009 // Arcadia

DP Thank you kindly for your letter of last week, delivered promptly across the frozen eastern wastes by a Rasputin look-a-like who lives in a silver birch hut on the West Heath and has taken over the running of the Royal Mail in North London since the winter uprising. The snow made fugitives of us […]

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The Village That Died for Derbyshire

25 February 2009 // Miscellany //On Water

by Charles Holland. Originally published on Fantastic Journal This photograph is taken from a BBC film about Ladybower reservoir made in the 1960’s and on show here. The reservoir was formed in 1943 by flooding the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, including the two villages of Derwent and Ashopton. The church spire of Derwent could be […]

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