Wild Thing(s)

26 March 2009 // Books //Film/TV

Not sure what your childhood reading constisted of, but it sure looks like – after Watchmen – I’m due a double whammy of pivotal books being brought to the big screen this year. Very worth checking this, the trailer for the long delayed Spike Jonze screen adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are. […]

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At The End Of The World

25 March 2009 // Miscellany

There’s a piece that caught my eye on The Guardian website about the Dengle Peninsula in Essex, inspiration for both War Of The Worlds and The Birds. Click here to read. It’s interesting to see how Essex is being reclaimed, now portrayed as a sparse, otherworldly landscape less than an hour from London – a […]

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23 March 2009 // Miscellany

Last week began with a visit from the Richardson’s. John & Sue came up to London to take a look at the cafe in Foyles, on Charing Cross Road, the venue we have chosen for an exhibition of the art and illustration that is a big part of our forthcoming book (‘Caught By The River; […]

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Across England in a Punt

22 March 2009 // Books //On Water

Nicholas Lezard on Tom Fort’s journey down the River Trent (from yesterday’s Guardian); I had, ever since reading his The Book of Eels, known Tom Fort had a thing about rivers; so it seems logical that he has come to write this. And rivers are amazing: bringers of life, their sources sometimes mysterious, their journeys […]

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The Woodbine Challenge

20 March 2009 // Caught By...

JB, The Woodbine Challenge 1973 Morning. Chanced upon this – fantastic stuff. I’ve already rung my old dear to get her to search the garage for my green Daiwa visor from 1979. I think Padworth won’t know what’s hit it if bowl up in June rocking ‘the vintage look’ – I may even grow a […]

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