Remember Roger Eagle

28 April 2009 // Music //Remembrance

(illustration by Kavel Rafferty)

Our ‘Remember Roger Eagle‘ project hit the blogs last night. This just in from Isis on the ‘Soul Scource‘ forum;

I worked for Roger at Erics late ’76 till ’78, and when it came to choosing bands to play at the club he had a nose for talent like you wouldn’t believe. And what a great boss, always on your side…I do remember he grabbed Billy Idol by the throat for swearing at one of the bar staff (Anne?). One of the nicest people I ever met in my life and if you look up “modest” in the dictionary you’ll find Rogers picture. Incidentally, even though Erics was a punk/new wave club, the first record played every night was ‘Heatwave”. RIP Roger… a lovely lovely man“.

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