Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle

24 April 2009 // Music

Seemingly it’s not just me that’s been obsessed by birds recently, it’s everyone. Scanning the Guardian Review section a few weekends ago, I was intrigued to read about something called “the Springwatch effect”. Apparently it’s responsible for a forest of bird twitching literature and is finally making ornithology hip. I certainly think I’ve fallen victim […]

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Boy Wonder

24 April 2009 // Books

Mathew Clayton on James Robert Baker’s, ‘Boy Wonder’; When you stumble across something fantastic entirely by chance, encumbered by the views of critics or hype of any kind, the pleasure you get from it is always greater. In the mid 90s I was leaving the offices of the publisher 4th Estate and was led to […]

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Slow Down London

23 April 2009 // Miscellany

Here at CBTR we’re all about stopping or at least slowing down to appreciate life. You only get one shot at it and most of us are far too busy and stressed to realise that. Whether it be simply sitting down and reading, looking up and appreciating the architecture or even going fishing – it’s […]

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Home Made Record Sleeves

22 April 2009 // Music

Stephen Fowler and Rocky Alvarez are exhibiting their collection of home made record sleeves Private view 6.30 this coming Thursday night (23rd), at; Franklin Alvarez 53 Columbia Road, London E2 7R6 the exhibition will be on until Sunday 26th April. selections of the collections have been printed and bound in three volumes.These will be available […]

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Alan Sillitoe

21 April 2009 // Books //Film/TV

With the news that the BFI have just released the ‘definitive’ DVD (and Blu Ray) version of the films ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’ and ‘Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’ here’s an interview that Mark Hodkinson (of Pomona Books) did last year with the author of the stories that became said films, Alan Sillitoe. […]

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