Fishing Against Fascism

26 May 2009 // Miscellany

We’ve never really seen this site as politically motivated – frankly I think part of the reason we turn to the banks is to avoid thinking about duck islands, dung and claiming expenses for strop movies. However, as most of us are of the generation where The Clash playing Rock Against Racism was a life […]

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Do You Love Reggae Music?

25 May 2009 // Music

this one has to be shared. a great selection and a killer mix. Goes well with sunshine; Artist Steven Harrington has put together an exclusive mix for Incase and Arkitip. Featuring hand picked tracks from Steven’s collection, Bang-Ga-Wrong is a 45-minute mix of early Jamaican dancehall, dub and roots reggae reworked and mixed with help […]

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You Wait Ages For One…

23 May 2009 // Miscellany

“(Long’s) art reminds us of the simple strangeness of the walked world, of the surprises and beauties that landscape can spring on the pedestrian. It’s good that Long is out there, knackering another pair of boots, singing Johnny Cash to himself as he walks the line.” Robert Macfarlane writes a gloriously evocative piece about Richard […]

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Heaven, Earth, Five Dials and Morrissey

22 May 2009 // Miscellany

We’ve talked at length about the artist Richard Long on the site a few years back. The start of next month sees the Tate open the doors on a long overdue retrospective (June 3rd at Tate Britain). If you are a gallery member, you should have received this month’s Tate Etc magazine which features brilliant […]

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Should I Put It In My Pants?

21 May 2009 // Music //On Water

Gone Fishin’ With John Lurie, Tom Waits & Pals by Nigel Smith. Originally published on Nigel’s blog Carnival Saloon a passionate and knowledgeable site devoted to country, soul & rock ‘n’ roll. Some TV channels seem to devote the majority of their airtime to the “Fifty Greatest/Funniest/Daftest/Inspiring/Etc Moments of All Time” but I don’t recall […]

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