Message From The Country

24 June 2009 // Miscellany

CBTR contributor and friend Ben Myers recently packed up and left London for pastures new (and green and rolling). We asked him to send us a postcard. This is his first message from the country.

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Cake by the River

23 June 2009 // Food and Drink

the return of the cake. guaranteed to take the blues out of the blanks. (thanks Wendy). Gooseberry cake. Gooseberries have been grown in Britain since the reign of Henry VIII but reached their peak of popularity in the 19th century. During this time England was mad for gooseberries along with all the pies, puddings and […]

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Letter From Arcadia

22 June 2009 // Arcadia

Bonjour Bob ja good to hear the newly oiled ratchets of arcadia, words flowing like ale down the wye, or the other 22 rivers in a certain volume of water, a bouquet of summer flowers (in the cryptic meaning) of which arcadia/arcadii are proud contributaries. a lot to catch up then; just not a lot […]

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“Beautiful In It’s Simplicity”

22 June 2009 // Rivers Book

“The new compendium, Caught by the River: A Collection of Words on Water, knows much about river-wonder… It is beautiful in its simplicity: it doesn’t have a hectoring truth, worthy plan or manifesto. It is, instead, a mix of reminiscences, travelogues and meditations covering fishing, swimming, observing and ice-skating. But its particular contributors also unify […]

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Kicksville 66

21 June 2009 // Music

Thanks to Johnny Dee at the Guardian Guide for bringing this great blog to our attention. It’s written by Miriam Linna, who in 1976 was the first drummer in The Cramps. The author describes the blog as an ‘unwieldy scrapbook’, but it’s a real rock ‘n’ roll love letter and a reminiscence of pure, uncynical […]

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