Matt’s Bird Of The Week – House Sparrow

31 July 2009 // Matt's Bird of the Week

Something ace for the weekend… thanks to Matt Sewell for this beauty. There’s something quintessentially British about a House Sparrow. As British as chip butties and bramble picking, they even look like they’re wearing a flat cap for Christ’s sake. When you see them abroad they don’t look right, like they shouldn’t be there. Faded, […]

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Pleasures Of… Port Eliot part 2

31 July 2009 // Pleasures

Seeing a lot of folk I’d not seen in many (25!) years. Among them Stephen Parker, Chris Warren and Ross Reid. Nice to see my old friend Val and back on home turf too. And Kathryn Williams, someone else I am very fond of who I had not seen in a long while. Kath has […]

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Chris Watson presents Cross Pollination

31 July 2009 // Miscellany

This is ace – from the Southbank Centre, here’s Pestival… an essential night out… after Port Eliot’s Chris Watson gig, we’re buzzing about this already… sorry, that joke was bloody awful… Chris Watson – Cross Pollination: A Night of Experimental Insect Music. Sunday 6 September 2009, 7.30pm Pestival 2009 is a festival celebrating insects in […]

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Dusty 7s

30 July 2009 // On Water //Rivers Book

Really lovely email from the folks over at the lovely Dusty 7s blog. They’re the first people who’ve got in touch and tried to tackle their fear of nature with a copy of our book. They followed Bob Stanley’s Lea navigation, though probably got there a little after the ominous blue fence went up. If […]

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A Conversation With Bibio

30 July 2009 // Music

Our friend Pat Long, the man behind the brilliant Heron label sent us notes from a field-recording of CBTR favourite Bibio, whose album ‘Ambivalence Avenue’ has pretty much fused with our office stereo since it arrived a couple of months back… Bibio is the alter ego of Wolverhampton-based Stephen Wilkinson, keen amateur gardener and prolific […]

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