Pleasures Of… Port Eliot

29 July 2009 // Caught By... //Pleasures

A few of our highlights from the Port Eliot Festival… The talk from ‘Falling And Laughing – The Restoration Of Edwyn Collins’ by Grace Maxwell and Edwyn’s acoustic gig afterwards; King Creosote – special mention to Kenny’s genius Dexys cover; Chris Watson – check out anything that he’s recorded; Robin and I being given our […]

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Our Rivers

29 July 2009 // Caught By...

We got an email the other day from Nik Shelton at the RSPB which we wanted to run in full because A) it’s river related and B) it made us smile. Love the idea that the RSPB sounds like the offices of the X-Files. Click the links and adopt a river – we here at […]

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Frank on a Narrowboat Part 3

28 July 2009 // On Water

by Frank Cottrell Boyce So today is the day we finish the Wigan Flight. I go ahead with Steve‚Äôs daughter to pre-set the locks and to check that the pounds have enough water for us. We stumble on an unreported youth subculture. Every fourth lock or so is surrounded by a group of big Wigan […]

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Another Storey

27 July 2009 // Miscellany

Over here at CBTR towers we’re massive fans of The Wooden Branch, the ace website dedicated to all things arborescent… Tomo who runs the site send us a cryptic email the other day pointing us to a new going concern of his… it’s also fantastic. “…introducing the wooden branch’s sister. i’d tell you more, but […]

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Port By The River, Monday Morning

27 July 2009 // Caught By...

So yesterday sealed the deal. It featured readings by Kurt Jackson, the mighty Andrews of Arcadia, Hannah Hamilton, Kathryn Williams and Gavin Pretor-Pinney – all ace – alongside Chris Watson‘s Nature Disco (90 minutes of field recordings from Africa, Iceland and the Port Eliot estate – utterly mindblowing) and a tent raising acoustic gig by […]

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