30 October 2009 // Miscellany

by Will Burns. I saw it dive and swim a distance and I thought I remembered something vaguely. I carried on after it, up the canal, back the way I had come from. I watched it surface, and float along and then dive again, over and over. The water was clear, and you could see […]

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Worming for Barbel, 1952

30 October 2009 // On Water

From Country Life, November 1952. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Letter From Arcadia

29 October 2009 // Arcadia

Pestilance. dp hearty thanks for your telegram from a distant european autumn. a welcome message of solidarity dropped in an empty bottle of pelforth, left on a table outside the bar on the corner of the boulevard of broken dreams. back in blighty it is not mushroom clouds that fill the mind but hordes of […]

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My Friend Eric

28 October 2009 // Film/TV //Miscellany

A film by Justin Partyka. In early 2008 Justin Partyka acquired a small digital camera. The camera sat around gathering dust until he discovered it had a video function. Intrigued by the idea of carrying a “video camera” in his pocket, Partyka started to take the camera to the fields and farms he visits for […]

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Owl In A Box

28 October 2009 // Miscellany

We got forwarded this this morning, loved it, had to post – one seriously pissed off owl in a cardboard box.

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