Radio Times: Living World: Pike

31 January 2010 // On Water

Broadcast on Radio Four at 6.30am on Sunday, 31st January. Listen on the iplayer. The pike has a fearsome reputation as Britain’s most successful freshwater river predator. Keen fisherman and retired freshwater biologist Mike Ladle will never forget the first time he landed a pike. He was trying to catch eels, and hauled up a […]

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Radio Times – Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees.

31 January 2010 // Books

For fans of the late, great patron saint Roger Deakin, this looks rather interesting. At 2pm, each afternoon this week, BBC Radio 7 are broadcasting five, fifteen minute programmes, under the heading Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees. I think it’s actually the 2007, Book of the Week programme from Radio 4 which was read by […]

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Radio Times – Nature: A Local Patch

31 January 2010 // Miscellany

NATURE: A Local Patch (part 1) BBC Radio 4 Tuesday 2 February 11.02 In the first of two programmes exploring our relationship with the landscape and the value of getting to know ‘a local patch’ three wildlife enthusiasts share their experiences of their own ‘local patch’. For wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson, the local patch […]

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Queen Anne’s Lace

30 January 2010 // Miscellany

words & illustration by Jonathan Newdick. Sebastian Flyte and Charles Ryder are motoring from Oxford to Brideshead. The year must be about 1920. Evelyn Waugh is not specific but he does tell us that it was ‘. . . a cloudless day in June, when the ditches were white with fools’ parsley and meadowsweet and […]

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Caught by the Reaper

29 January 2010 // Remembrance

J.D. Salinger by Kevin Pearce. “Here’s to you Mr Salinger. I probably read you more than any other writer as a kid …” I don’t ordinarily join in mass mourning. But on hearing of the death of J.D. Salinger I did feel a need to pay tribute in some small way. I doubt that he […]

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