Birdsongs in The Guardian

29 January 2010 // Miscellany //Music

Our Birdsongs compilation has been picked up by The Guardian today. The way this usually works is that a link that stays live for a couple of days is sent out to everyone on our subscribers list one time only. This happened on Wednesday of this week. Guess today we make an exception. If you […]

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Still on the Charts

29 January 2010 // Rivers Book

Afternoon chaps, Caught by the River was in Sunday’s Independent! It was on their ‘Critical List’ pages – which is the ‘what’s hot in the Arts this week’ section. Each week they get their favourite independent book retailers to recommend their favourite books in a Top Ten Hitlist. Caught by the River was in Sunday’s […]

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Letter From Arcadia

28 January 2010 // Arcadia

Snowdrops. ja thanks for pulling the black-outs down. feared arcadia was in aspic. or you’d missed the last chub before christmas, not tunnelling out of highgate to a waiting troika. your s&r was like a smuggler’s beacon on the romney marsh. i couldn’t do one; accident in the word factory, fingers lost in the eulogy […]

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Sick Note From Arcadia

27 January 2010 // Arcadia

ladies and gentlemen for all those of you who may be preparing to travel to spitalfields tomorrow i am afraid to tell you that due to an outbreak of vicious bream cough in arcadia i will not be there but will return as usual next thursday 4th february. in the meantime to sate your appetite […]

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“We wanted our magazine to be like a Samuel Palmer watercolour!”

26 January 2010 // Country Bizarre

COUNTRY BIZARRE. ISSUE 1 AVAILABLE HERE (BS. Andy used to live in second-hand bookshops and discovered the crow picture in a box of old engravings. It’s an absolute gem and (sorry I never mentioned this) was one of the reasons we chose the title of Country Bizarre). The second part of our interview with Bernard […]

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