Pike Drama

24 February 2010 // Caught By...

Nick Small chanced upon this amazing photo on Flickr at the weekend. The drama of it blew us away so we got in touch with the guy and this is what he told us; ….All this happen last monday..We are fishermen first and we have great access to beautifull scotland ..I take friends out fishing […]

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Country Bizarre, Issue 5

24 February 2010 // Country Bizarre

Country Bizarre, Issue 5. Click HERE to view and download. Click HERE for the story.

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Letter From Arcadia

23 February 2010 // Arcadia

Snowfalls. dp whilst you are surrounded by snowdrops here it is only snowfalls as the ice age of arcadia takes hold, threateningly for good. the ponds are ice soup and the riverbank has gone, washed away by one cold brown onslaught. the heath is more glass than grass, more water than walks. arcadia is not […]

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Birdsongs 2

22 February 2010 // Music

The second in our series of ornithologically themed music downloads will go out to our members on Wednesday the 24th. This time the tracks have been selected by Jimi Goodwin from the aptly named Doves. Once again the artwork has been done by Matt Sewell and features Jimi’s songbird of choice, the robin. And as […]

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Chris Watson – A Journey South

21 February 2010 // Miscellany

Photos by Chris Watson & Jason Roberts. McMurdo Sound, Cape Evans, Ross Island (approx 78ยบ S). Chris Watson reports on a recent trip he made to the South Pole, in the company of David Attenborough, over at Touch Radio. More Chris on CBTR tomorrow when, in conjunction with Heavenly Recordings, we will be making his […]

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