The Pleasures of…… May

31 May 2010 // Pleasures

Tim Dee, author of The Running Sky shares his joys of May. May is the finest month. On Mayday morning everything is still to come, by June the best of the year is over. Spring opens fully to green life through May’s weeks. Sunlight stretches days earlier and later. The season thickens with birdsong and […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Dennis Hopper

30 May 2010 // Remembrance

[audio:|titles=17 Ballad Of Easy Rider (Long Version)]

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The River Wandle

30 May 2010 // On Water

From Danny Wilson. Carshalton ponds, Grove Park.

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Alaotra Grebe Extinction

29 May 2010 // Miscellany

From Rick Webb: Not sure if this is something you’d be interested in featuring or not, but I think it resonates with much of what you’re doing (which is excellent, by the way)… Anyway the Alaotra Grebe, an apparently quite beautiful Madagascan bird is now gone forever, a result of the introduction of carnivorous fish […]

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Pike: Luke Jennings

28 May 2010 // Luke Jennings; Pike

in 1998 i was working at creation records on what i shall loosely term the escape committee. we helped people escape from their daily lives by selling them pop music. i became obsessed with escape at that time, and my own came in the form of a newspaper column published every other friday in the […]

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