Ask The Fellows Who Cut The Hay

30 June 2010 // Books

Ask The Fellows Who Cut The Hay (Full Circle Editions ) by George Ewart Evans Review by Richard King. Romanticising our industrial heritage is an easy and often pleasurable trap to fall into. Like dreaming about what might have happened if Brian Clough had coached the national team, or wondering in awe at the scale […]

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Hand Drawn Maps of London Rivers

29 June 2010 // Miscellany //Rivers Book

John Richardson’s lino-cuts from ‘Words on Water’ join the hall of fame over at the Londonist website.

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A Letter From The Inchbeg Fishing School

29 June 2010 // On Water

from Hannah Hamilton Caught by the River Field, 1. It’s summer, and has been for a good three weeks solid, but today the notoriously schizophrenic Irish weather has jumped forwards six months and soaked us with a grey, chilly, Octoberine afternoon. From my kitchen table, I can just about see the corner of the River […]

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A Year in the Woods by Colin Elford

28 June 2010 // Books

A Year in the Woods by Colin Elford (Hamish Hamilton). Reviewed by Jon Berry It’s rare that I read a nature book that doesn’t have the swirls and bubbles of fish at its centre, but Colin Elford’s A Year in the Woods came to me highly recommended – and from someone whose life is even […]

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Van Morrison – The Common One

26 June 2010 // Music

by Paolo Hewitt. “Won’t you meet me in the country, in the Summertime in England….” In 1980 Kevin Rowland of Dexys Midnight Runners went searching for the young soul rebels. He went to bars and pubs and cafés, even libraries and old people’s homes, but he could not find them anywhere. He gave up his […]

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