Pike: Luke Jennings

25 June 2010 // Luke Jennings; Pike

Originally published in the London ES magazine on the 13th of December, 1996. This column, as I hoped it would, has stirred some childhood memories. Among those who have written to me is James Gunn, the son of one of the gamekeepers at Kenwood House before the war. Like the others of his five-strong gang […]

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Lines Made By Walking

24 June 2010 // Uncategorized

by Jude Rogers. 14. Shore Lines. Out of the blue, work takes me to Yorkshire, to interview a grand old lady of folk music on a darkening June evening. First I race along the fast, clacking lines of the East Coast Main Line to York, then I change for the Trans-Pennine to Scarborough. Then the […]

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23 June 2010 // Miscellany

From Nick Small; Jeff, I was out photographing in Halifax today and came across this old sign stuck on the side of a mill….about 10 metres away from the junk strewn Hebble Brook. I wonder if anyone was ever prosecuted.

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23 June 2010 // Matt's Bird of the Week //Miscellany

to Matt Sewell and his partner Jess on the birth of their daughter yesterday (“we had a baby girl and all is fine and dandy, she was born in Crowborough, how good is that”).In the absence of a photo we will celebrate by giving the first public showing to yet another fantastic piece of art […]

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Read The Country Bizarre

23 June 2010 // Country Bizarre

The Country Bizarre, now in new, improved, ‘issu’ format. Download it HERE.

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