Port Eliot 2010 – View From The Other Side

27 July 2010 // Port Eliot Festival

Waking up in your own bed… sometimes it’s a bit overrated. Maybe that’s just because for the last few days you’ve been relocated to the most beautiful festival site just over the Devon/Cornwall border putting on a series of inspirational events in a tent just next to a riverbank where people are dipping in from […]

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The Fantastic Slightly Foxed

27 July 2010 // Books

by Andy Childs. With the publishing industry seemingly in music biz-style turmoil over the dreaded impact of digital technology and the circulations of newspapers and magazines apparently in freefall it may come as a pleasant surprise to learn that there is at least one periodical that is not only surviving in these uncertain times but […]

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How Far To The Horizon 3

26 July 2010 // Miscellany

Sorry for the delay. Where was I? Oh yes, in Barrafina, Frith Street, on a warm Soho evening, with beer flooding my senses and salt on my tongue. I’m having dinner with my 76 year old father, Felix, a native New Yorker on a rare visit to London. Giddily, I had sent him the link […]

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Fishing at Swallow Falls, 1971

25 July 2010 // On Water

My mates Grandad, Robert Stuart Rofe, at Swallow Falls, Gwynedd, in the early 1970’s

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This Summer, I Will Mostly Be Reading

24 July 2010 // Summer Reading 2010

Jon Berry. This summer I won’t be reading very much, which is unusual for me. I have a book of my own to finish, and another which is complete but requires a little redrafting before I let the publisher loose on it. And, when I am writing, I can’t read. I’m too much of a […]

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