Towards Re-Enchantment: Place and Its Meanings

29 October 2010 // Books //Events

Press Release: A unique anthology of original poems and essays commissioned by Artevents from eleven of Britain’s finest writers and poets, reflecting on the meaning of ‘re-enchantment’ in reference to a specific place or region of their choosing in the British Isles. The multiple award-winning writers are Elisabeth Bletsoe, Lavinia Greenlaw, Jay Griffiths, Kathleen Jamie, […]

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Simon Emmerson’s ‘Weirdy Birdy’ Mix

28 October 2010 // Birds //Music

A strictly deep Dorset mix from the Lush record label and The Sound Approach bird-recording collective. The twilight call of Great Northern Divers or the dry song of a Yellowhammer encourages the listener to walk away from the maddening crowd and join Swifts, Swallows and Cranes returning home along coastal paths, past childhood oaks and […]

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New Matt Sewell Bird Badges

28 October 2010 // Matt's Bird of the Week //Shop

wren, blackbird, great tit, robin. in the shop now, priced £3.50.

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Wood For The Trees

27 October 2010 // Miscellany

In the three and a half years since starting Caught By The River, we’ve tried to avoid explicitly talking about politics and any partisan beliefs we might hold. We’ve always figured that (to borrow the words of a great man*) “the people who know know’; if you’re along for the ride with us, your heart’s […]

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27 October 2010 // On Water

“It’s not widely known that Sigmund Freud’s first job as a scientific researcher was trying to find the testicles in eels”. dark days for eels in todays Guardian.

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