Andrews of Arcadia Scrapbook

30 November 2010 // Arcadia

Things lost and found, gathered up whilst searching for vintage fishing tackle for the soul. John Andrews has opened up his scrapbook. Find it here.

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30 November 2010 // Film/TV

Definitely a day for watching this gem of a film by Geoffrey Jones. Shot and edited with great style and imagination back in 1963, ‘Snow’ was produced as a propaganda clip for British Railways – check the hint of ‘V’ flicking in the direction of the stranded motorists – and it comes with an amazing […]

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Fish of the Stour

29 November 2010 // Shop

Fish of the Stour. Five black & white postcards, reproductions of linocuts made for Common Ground by Peter Ursem. The fish are: Perch, Dace, Minnow, Roach and Chub. On sale in the caught by the River shop, priced £2.00

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Adnams East Green

29 November 2010 // Pint/Cake

By Roger Clapham When it comes to being “green” I’ve always tried to do my bit. I cycle everywhere, I dutifully fill up the recycling box every week, and at home I turn off everything I can get my hands on (you can insert your own joke about my love life here). As a result, […]

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Kavel Rafferty Book

28 November 2010 // Books

Kavel Rafferty is the artist responsible for the illustration and design of our Remember Roger Eagle book and this week saw the publication of her book ‘Spamhead‘. It’s available now in a very limited, hand screened, edition from the Nobrow website.

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