Hugh Miles Films The Wye

31 December 2010 // On Water

Hi Jeff, Here’s something to help all at Caught by the River celebrate the festive season – a new short film about the nation’s favourite river. As you all know, earlier this year we (‘Our Rivers’) ran a public vote to help find the best and worst rivers in England and Wales. The Wye won […]

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Frosty Norfolk

30 December 2010 // Miscellany

From our pal Charles Rangeley: Dear Jeff, John Andrews told me he was missing the north coast of Norfolk, especially in this frosty weather, and commissioned me to take the camera next time I went out with the dog, to remind him what it looked like. Wondered if other cbtr readers might enjoy a few […]

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Around The A4074

29 December 2010 // Radio

Thanks to Caught by the River reader Tom Crook for bringing this radio documentary to our attention. I really enjoyed it, and if you fancy a listen, do it soon as it’s on the iplayer for just four more days. We are always open to things like this, so please feel free to drop us […]

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A Christmas Message From Chloe

28 December 2010 // Miscellany

Hello Caught by the River, this sign made me smile – I’m doing a very unscientific, personal gazeteer of the bossy signs of Britain (Devon and the Dart Estuary the most so far for some reason) – we snuck into Blenheim early the other morning and saw this one – all non-fishermen at liberty to […]

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Seasons Greetings

24 December 2010 // Miscellany

Happy Christmas dear readers. from Jeff, Robin & Andrew (with a little help from our friends John Richardson and The Davis Sisters). [audio:|titles=24 Christmas Boogie] Pumpkin Corner. By John Richardson.

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