Matt’s Bird of the Week – Waxwing

31 January 2011 // Matt's Bird of the Week

Bombycilla garrulus by Matt Sewell. I’ve always been sceptical whether these birds exist or not, Waxwings blow my mind. They’re like a computer generated samurai finch designed by a norse god. Those little red waxy droplets are amazingly improbable, their fade colourway and their menacing headwear and dark warpaint are too bewilderingly accomplished to be […]

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Growing Things (continued)

30 January 2011 // Miscellany

by Helen Jukes. Part two: As well as stimulating my imagination and sense of connection with my surroundings, it was also cultivating skills and capacities within me. The ability to nurture, to accept and care for fragility, to weed out and exercise a bit of (non-aggressive) pest control. I learnt that by thinning out a […]

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Growing Things

29 January 2011 // Miscellany

by Helen Jukes. Part One: We are sitting on plastic chairs outside a ramshackle shed in the centre of Soho. Piled-up apartment blocks reach sky-high on all sides, and the smoggy hum of traffic hangs in among wildflowers where we are sitting, on our plastic chairs, discussing spiders. Chris – resident gardener here at Phoenix […]

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Libraries Gave Us Power

28 January 2011 // Books

Another day, another deflated rant about the state of the nation. This time, it’s the wholly depressing local council cuts threatening library services. First things first, an aside to get to the point – my little library story. Last summer, I ran an arts project out of a mobile library that trundled a mellow path […]

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Third Light Home

27 January 2011 // Music

Some of our favourite things to hit the net in recent months have been Friend Of The River Ian Preece’s brilliant Third Light Home radio shows on the Seeks Music website. In this installment, the nicest man in publishing explores music from the outer limits of Rob Young’s exemplary Electric Eden . Perfect for the […]

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