Hawk Attack

27 January 2011 // Birds

from Joel Stanbury: I saw the picture of the Kestrels on your website. Beautiful! I thought I might share the following pics with you. I was tying flies in my spare bedroom and happened to look out my window and saw this hawk sitting on my fence. I slowly went and got my camera and […]

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Saturn’s Return

27 January 2011 // Books

Back in September, we took a Caught By The River expedition to the British Library for Landscaping, a day long series of talks on mapping. One presentation of particular interest was a talk by director Grant Gee (director of the 2006 Joy Division documentary) on his as-then unfinished film loosely based on W.G. Sebald’s Rings […]

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Pleasures of…..January

26 January 2011 // Pleasures

Pigmeat is What I Crave by Glenn Taylor The title comes from an old blues song by Bo Carter in which he sings, “When I die you need not bury me at’all/ hang me up against that pigmeats wall/ and you can give me pigmeat.” Mr. Carter’s song seemed a good place to begin in […]

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The Fisherman’s Bedside Medicine

25 January 2011 // Books

In a need to shake off the anguish caused by too long an absence from the river bank I decided to live vicariously. These two pieces of angling poetry – which are taken from ‘B.B.’s treasure trove, ‘The Fisherman’s Bedside Book’ – brought only temporary relief, but in the hope of helping fellow sufferers we […]

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Your Heart Out: Skimming Stones

25 January 2011 // Music

Sometime Caught by the River contributor Kevin Pearce continues to singlehandedly (and single-mindedly) champion pop culture’s wild-hearted outsiders. A special edition of his online magazine Your Heart Out – titled Skimming Stones – is available to download for free here. After some revealing romps in the archives of The Pop Group and the Mad Professor’s […]

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