Pleasures of… February

28 February 2011 // Pleasures

Elbow ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’ From the celestial rumble and swoop of eight minute opening track The Birds (surely to become an anthem for twitchers – ‘The birds / Are the keepers of our secrets’), it’s clear that Elbow’s fifth long-player is the work of a band utterly confident in their own skin. It’s a […]

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Wild In The Big City: Can You Help?

28 February 2011 // Miscellany

Readers who visit the Caught by the River shop will have noticed our stock of fantastic fold out maps produced by Herb Lester Associates. For their latest edition Herb have stepped outside of London to take a look at ‘Old New York’, once again creating something visually cool and distinctly informative, which is something we […]

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Fish of the Stour

27 February 2011 // Miscellany //Shop

Fish of the Stour badge pack, reproduced by Caught by the River from linocuts by Peter Ursem. Now available in the Caught by the River shop. We are also selling postcards featuring Peter’s work. You can find them HERE. Peter’s website.

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Nature Studies

26 February 2011 // Miscellany

A while back, we were properly moved by Michael McCarthy’s masterful Say Goodbye To The Cuckoo. The book arrived at a time when the three of us behind Caught By The River started to bring in things into the site from outside our usual comfort zones, at a point where we started to run a […]

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Nick’s Pics

25 February 2011 // Nick's Pics

Squirrel. Words & picture by Nick Small. I’d seen his footprints in the sand at the lake’s edge before and assumed the slender toes to belong to a bank vole or rat. The lapping waves undercut the bank adjacent to our little beach, and I had guessed there to be small mammals enjoying the prime […]

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