The Return of the Native

26 April 2011 // Birds

illustration by Pete Starling. by Cheryl Tipp. Every morning I cast my eyes upwards in anticipation and scan the sky. Have they returned yet? Is there any sign of those black silhouettes sweeping through the air? Can I hear that high-pitched ‘scree’? I’m still waiting for my first Swift sighting of 2011 but any day […]

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Nick’s Pics

25 April 2011 // Nick's Pics

The Lakes, Luck and Lenticular Cloud. Words & pictures by Nick Small. This photograph of a rather strange, beautiful sky, seen here exactly as the camera recorded it, is the result of a shutter-click, yet so much more. A few weeks ago I went to the Lake District, tasked with making a short film for […]

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24 April 2011 // Miscellany

As part of the ongoing effort to spread the word and to enable a little more engagement with our readers we are trying to encourage folk to sign up to the Caught by the River Facebook page. On it you will find daily music links, plus news, competitions and other bits and pieces that we […]

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Ghosts of Gone Birds: Liverpool

24 April 2011 // The Bird Effect

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Roach of Wessex

23 April 2011 // On Water

by Adam Chetwood Illustrations by Tom Hubmann A Roach is a very special creature indeed, a fish with the most sophisticated style of living and a species that is high on the list of reasons for my obsession with angling. The achievement of catching even the smallest of Roach, for many, is an incredible feeling […]

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