The Hawk

26 August 2011 // Birds

by Jim Farrar. As a kid I loved birds. Specifically birds of prey. Killers all. I can’t explain why. I just did. I could identify other birds. Their eggs. Their nests. But they didn’t have the same hold over my young mind. How could they? Sparrow v Sparrow Hawk. Sparrows are alright. It’s nothing personal […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Jerry Leiber

25 August 2011 // Remembrance

Jerry Leiber (l), Mike Stoller (r) Jerry Leiber, 1933 – 2011 Bob Stanley pays tribute: The Abbey Road medley is often cited as the perfect career closer: “And in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take” sums up the warmth, generosity and unbroken circle of the Beatles’ story. Mind […]

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Caught by the Reaper: Nickolas Ashford, 1942 – 2011

24 August 2011 // Remembrance

A tribute by Chris Roberts. Long, long ago, before the words “darling” and “baby” became passé and infra dig, they were swoon-inducingly effective, within and without pop music. They were giddying, disarmingly romantic, and rarely more so than in the works of Nickolas Ashford, who died this week, and his wife Valerie Simpson. Among the […]

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A Talent for Sloth

24 August 2011 // Books

An extract from Fire Season by Philip Connors. The landscape where I work, in far southwest New Mexico, is one of the most fire-prone areas in America. I look out over a stretch of country with nearly a million acres of roadless wilderness, where an annual upsurge of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico combines […]

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Vanishing Points

23 August 2011 // Vanishing Points

by Jude Rogers. Places never stay the same, however much we want them to. When a familiar street corner is given a fresh lick of paint, we feel it in our bones. When an old home, no longer ours, opens its windows to different worlds, it’s hard not to feel something disappear. Beyond these personal […]

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