Low Water at Meare

26 October 2011 // On Water

by Paul Cowlishaw. It was another unusually mild October morning. There was a light breeze from the south- west and when the sun broke through the gaps in the cloud there were bursts of warmth. I stood, facing downstream, on the stone bridge over the River Brue just below Manor Farm, rod and net in […]

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The Last River Rat

25 October 2011 // On Water

BBC – Natural World – Mississippi, Tales of the Last River Rat: A stunningly photographed portrait of the wildlife and landscape of the Mississippi River seen through the eyes of ‘River Rat’ Kenny Salwey, a legendary hunter, trapper and author who lives off the land and shares his watery haunts with beavers, snapping turtles, sturgeons, […]

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Matt Sewell’s Birds of the Week

24 October 2011 // Matt's Bird of the Week //Shop

Badge pack number three: Starling, Tawney Owl, Linnet & Waxwing Now on sale in the shop.

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In The Papers

24 October 2011 // Miscellany

Some recent press articles of interest: A Life In Writing: Ronald Blythe by Patrick Barkham. The track down which Ronald Blythe first walked in 1947 sinks into a valley on the border between Suffolk and Essex and ends at Bottengoms Farm. Everything in the rambling garden is blazing on an oddly hot autumn day. The […]

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Memories Of My Favourite Tackle Shop

23 October 2011 // On Water

by James Chudley. Like many fishermen I absolutely love tackle shops. It’s a combination of the kit, the banter, the stories and the characters who tell them and in my case the fact that I was once lucky enough to work in one. Back in the early 1990’s I got wind that a new tackle […]

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