Pint by the River: Beer of the Roses (Part 1)

27 November 2011 // Pint/Cake

By Ben McCormick & Roger Clapham BM: Yorkshire. Land of flat caps, too many sheepdog trials and the curmudgeon. Loser of the original Wars of the Roses and, amusingly, relegated to the second tier of County Cricket again this year. It’s England’s largest county, despite the modernisation of some parts into Humberside and Cleveland, and […]

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Secret Songs of Birds

26 November 2011 // Birds

Ever wanted to hear a curve-billed thrasher at 50 per cent speed? Roy Wilkinson on an intriguing CD of birdsong from the British Library. The common quail is said to call ‘wet my lips’, seemingly begging for booze, or maybe something else. The snipe’s aerial drumming gives it the nickname The Galloping Horseman Of Lapland. […]

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Allotment Watch: November

25 November 2011 // Allotment Watch

by Nina Walsh I have heard many times over and experienced for myself, the powerful cleansing and calm that gardening can bring to a busy, chattering mind. A means to relax the body from the stress of modern life and a time for solitary reflection, gardening can literally be our saviour. This was never so […]

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Maggot Vending Machine Appeal

24 November 2011 // An Antidote To Indifference //Miscellany

dear jeff please could you put out the following appeal for information on caught by the river maggot vending machines and you as part of an ongoing project to plot the whereabouts of ‘rotomatic’ and other brands of maggot vending machines (see caught by the river entry 18/10/07) a current map of which will be […]

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Music Book Reader Bulletin

24 November 2011 // Music Book Reader

Even More Rock Family Trees by Pete Frame. Omnibus Press 32 (very large) pages Paperback Review by Andy Childs. I am going to have to admit to a significant degree of bias this month as Pete Frame, author of this unique and indispensible volume is my very good friend, luncheon partner, correspondent (he lives in […]

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