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31 January 2012 // Competition //Photography

The Smiths, just before taking the stage at Reading Uni Feb 1984. Taken by the legendary lensman, Tommy Sheehan. As the result of a bit of banter in the Dog & Duck last week, a deal has been struck whereby in return for us giving Tommy’s new edition of Smiths Collectors Prints a plug, he, […]

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The Last Moving Thing

31 January 2012 // Poetry

A poem by Will Burns. The sun no longer rises above the bare rock hills around the house. All that I ever see now above the line of the horizon is the dominion of the trees – leafless, scratching at the sky in bare, black lines. The light receded slowly and with it, bit by […]

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Pleasures of….January

30 January 2012 // Pleasures

by Neil Ansell. The sun is bright and the sky is an unbroken wash of blue, but there is a hard bite in the air. It is one of those clear crisp January days, and the night had brought a deep frost that the sunshine is still working on. In the lee of the hawthorns […]

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Richardson In Zanderland

29 January 2012 // Richardson in Zanderland

‘Words on Water’ illustrator, John Richardson, has upped sticks and moved east. Here’s how he’s getting on: The Eyes Have It It may seem strange but I believe the character of a fish is apparent in the eyes, this may all sound a bit like a fish whisperer or hypnotist but please bear with me. […]

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Savage Messiah Event at Rough Trade East

28 January 2012 // Events

Laura Oldfield Ford in conversation with Ken Worpole, plus reading and book signing. Admission free.

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