Matt’s Bird of the Week – Redstart

29 February 2012 // Matt's Bird of the Week

Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) Words & picture by Matt Sewell. Definitely one of the most dashingly handsome of the garden visitors, he can easily give his cousin the Robin a run for his money. They are very much cut from the same cloth, but the Redstart ain’t half as bossy or nosey as the Robin. He […]

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Taking the Waters: A Review

29 February 2012 // On Water

Regular readers might recall mention of the Taking the Waters event that took place in Suffolk a few weeks ago. Sadly none of us could make it over to what looked to be an excellent and enlightening weekend of, well, words on water. One guy lucky enough to have experienced it was Andrew Ray who […]

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Curious Isles – A Life On Orkney

28 February 2012 // Curious Isles - A Life on Orkney

We recently opened an email from Amy Liptrot. She told us a bit about her life, now lived just beyond the edge of the mainland. She’d left London to return home to Orkney, where she’s trying to get the big city out of her system. We wanted to know more. Here, she writes about stargazing […]

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The English Village

27 February 2012 // Books

By Martin Wainwright. School history’s long-standing tendency to focus on urban affairs, the Industrial Revolution and the notorious Peterloo Massacre, can obscure the fact that by the end of 1830, more than 2,000 men and women were in custody in the southern counties of England, awaiting trial for rural rioting. Nineteen were executed, 600 jailed […]

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Inspired by Birds

26 February 2012 // Birds //Radio

First broadcast on BBC Radio 3, on 25 Feb 2012. On the iPlayer until 3 March. Listen HERE. Professional musician Tom McKinney has been fascinated by birds used in music since his mid teens when he first heard Chronochromie, an enormous orchestral work by the French composer Olivier Messiaen, which quotes extensively from European, Far-Eastern […]

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