Way Across The River by Jon Savage

31 May 2012 // Books //Rivers Book

It was supposed to be secret: a boat trip held by the notorious Sex Pistols – high in the charts with ‘God Save The Queen’ – on the evening of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. My friend Steven Lavers told me about it on the day. I was determined to go, so I called up the […]

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Stoke Newington Literary Festival

31 May 2012 // Books //Events //Miscellany //Music

Sometimes you just get lucky. Not only is the line-up of the Stoke Newington Literary Festival is pretty damn brilliant, not only is it taking place across a series of fantastic venues in one of North London’s most sedate and gorgeous enclaves, it’s also just up the road from where I live (small confession – […]

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Matt’s Bird of the Week – Swallow

30 May 2012 // Matt's Bird of the Week

Swallow (Hirundo rustica). Words & picture by Matt Sewell. It’s true what they say, one swallow does not make a summer, but a whole telephone wire full of these fellows chirping manically their conversational song does. But as soon as he is here and we’ve just got used to his delightful presence skipping over the […]

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Wild World. A British Library CD

29 May 2012 // Miscellany

A review by Rob St. John. Last year, American ecologist Bryan Pijanowski and colleagues proposed a novel new area of environmental research: soundscape ecology. By collecting and collating masses of acoustic recordings of an ecosystem – whether birdsong, animal calls, wind, water or human-made sound – Pijanowski proposed that an assessment of the ecosystem’s health […]

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A Mixed Bag

28 May 2012 // A Mixed Bag

by Jon Berry. It is summer now – or at least, a late-Spring impression of one, a heatwave to break the relentless rain – and we are back from London Town, simultaneously refreshed and exhausted from last night’s Variety Show. Outside the cottage window all is light and heat and optimism and, for the first […]

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