~ Flow

27 May 2012 // Chris Watson Watch

Dear Jeff, We’re working on a new project with Chris Watson, who thought you might be interested to know what we’re up to. We’ve commissioned Chris to make a new piece of work in response to ~Flow, a collaboration between Owl Project and Ed Carter. ~Flow is a tidemill, a floating building that is residing […]

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Mrs Bun’s Allotment Kitchen

26 May 2012 // Allotment Watch

news from Nina Walsh. With a holy trinity of cardamom, rose and ginger can a biscuit go too wrong? I am soon to find out as I embark upon my latest culinary brain child, Mrs Bun’s Allotment Kitchen. All that is standing between me and the perfect cookie is a year’s worth of accounts to […]

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Letter From Arcadia

25 May 2012 // Arcadia

5th form at st river’s telegram for a tackling cove known as andrews of arcadia ja how the words have floated by in five years. some on the crest of a wave, others stagnant in the flood relief, one or two litters drowned in a gunny sack up the eddy. it seems apt i should […]

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A London Peculiar

24 May 2012 // Books //Miscellany

We first met Jude Rogers through rock’n’roll – she was writing a piece about independent labels for the Guardian if I remember correctly. I went for a few beers in the pub nearest the office to meet her to talk about bands and formats and how to adapt and survive in the proverbial last days […]

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Curious Isles – A Life on Orkney

23 May 2012 // Curious Isles - A Life on Orkney

A few months back, we opened an email from Amy Liptrot. She told us a bit about her life, now lived just beyond the edge of the mainland. She’d left London to return home to Orkney, where she’s trying to get the big city out of her system. We wanted to know more. Here, she […]

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