Dream Life – Mary Epworth

30 June 2012 // Music

Mary Epworth’s new album reviewed by Tom Doyle. In this age where the music video has been redefined by its shrunken physical dimensions (unless you’re one of the few who always hits “full screen”) and by record company budgets shrivelled beyond recognition, imagination is king. As such, the simple, yet entirely effective clip for Mary […]

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A Letter from Mr Yates

29 June 2012 // On Water

Hello Jeff Thank Andrew very much for my poster. Tell him his reward will come by way of a tench. No tench on the 16th, and the wild cool conditions made it seem feel more like March than June. Having made the effort to get to the pond early, Kevin Parr and I thought our […]

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Coming Soon…

28 June 2012 // Film/TV

A life underwater…

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Andrews of Arcadia and Friends at Port Eliot Festival

27 June 2012 // Port Eliot Festival

That’s some line-up. Further information here.

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The Idle Traveller

27 June 2012 // Books //Events

Dan Kieran’s new book reviewed by Kev Parr For nine years, Dennis Bergkamp lit up the Premier League. His touch, vision and particularly his balance were qualities that sealed his place alongside the likes of Henry, Le Tissier and Cantona at the pinnacle of the British game. His consistency provided the catalyst for Arsenal to […]

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