Caught by the River at Port Eliot Festival 2012 – Tomo style

28 July 2012 // Photography //Port Eliot Festival

More Eliot, this time through the eyes of Neil ‘Tomo’ Thomson, long-time friend of the river and this year a crucial part of the Arcadian debriefing squad. Thanks to Neil and also to everyone that appears in these pictures for helping make the weekend so brilliant. Fitch makes an appearance. Pete Fowler, acrylic on canvas […]

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The Broken Arms

28 July 2012 // Miscellany

Rough Trade East celebrate the Olympics inna pub style. Pints will be pulled, games will be played and books will be on sale: Here at Rough Trade we take pride in being what Ian Fleming called gentlemen sportsmen. Challenge us to a game of cricket, golf, or tennis and we’ll not only “play up” with […]

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Fishing in the Palisades

27 July 2012 // On Water

Dear Jeff, Great to see you at Port Eliot. Congratulations to the folk involved, a brilliant effort. I came back with your ‘this years Jeff tip’ the Dr John album, and it will be played much this week. This is the piece that I found on my bicycle ride up the Hudson valley a few […]

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Caught by the River at Port Eliot Festival 2012

26 July 2012 // Port Eliot Festival

4pm Thursday, Mathew Clayton captures the moment when Jeff met Fitch. We’ve been home a few days now. We still ache, we are still knackered and we are still high. It was a lot of fun. The best one yet. As always, there are folk to thank but, today, I’m gonna keep it brief. I’m […]

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Strands: a year of discoveries on the beach

25 July 2012 // Books

by Jean Sprackland Review by Melissa Harrison There’s something about a poet’s voice – or perhaps more particularly, a poet’s eye – that lifts nature writing beyond the merely observatory or the formulaic. And as the genre becomes more popular, finding its way, as it has, onto creative writing courses, truly fine writing is one […]

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