Caught by the Reaper – Brian Selby

30 September 2012 // Remembrance

Jeff writes: Nottingham was where I grew up and the first record shop I ever noticed was Selectadisc on Arkwright Street close to the train station. It would have been the early ’70s (I’d have been 8 or 9) and I’d pass it on the way to the football with my dad. I remember thinking […]

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Haddiscoe Island

30 September 2012 // Miscellany

Words and pictures by Nic Flook Where the rivers Yare and Waveney meet on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk, is Haddiscoe Island. With local landmarks such as a ruined priory, a Roman castle, Skeleton wood and Raven Hall, one could be forgiven for believing they were about to step into the world of a […]

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Project Wild Thing

29 September 2012 // Miscellany

Really like the look of this site. Project Wild Thing is a sort of online ‘encouragement’ that aims to get kids to reconnect with nature – a truly honorable task from where I’m sat writing this in a flat in rainy Hackney where a toddler sits hypnotized by Peppa Pig on the telly. The site […]

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IndyManBeerCon – Sparklers not required

28 September 2012 // Events //Food and Drink

By Ben McCormick After years living in the shadow of draught-flow Boddingtons, the north west of England’s beer scene is shaking off the shackles of mediocrity. Perhaps it’s all that rain, but it takes a bit of nous to turn what’s clearly an abundant resource into something worth drinking again and again. And sure enough, […]

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A Few Words About Festival No 6

27 September 2012 // Events //Miscellany //Music

The weekend before last, we found ourselves wide-eyed and slack-jawed in an Italianate village tucked in somewhere off the North Wales coast. The village – Portmeirion – will be familiar to anyone who’s ever watched the Prisoner; the occasion was the inaugural Festival No 6. We hosted a stage over the three days of the […]

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