River Witham: Scenes from the Waterside

26 September 2012 // Scenes from the Waterside

Illustration by Jonathan Gibbs. by Neil Sentance 1957: The Wharf The Witham is navigable only in its lower reaches, from Brayford Pool at Lincoln to the Haven at Boston, where it flows into the Wash. The Romans used the river to transport goods in bulk and built the Foss Dyke Navigation to link the Witham […]

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Run Wild

25 September 2012 // Books

Boff Whalley – Run Wild (Simon & Schuster paperback) Review by Nick Small. Boff Whalley was the guitarist with Chumbawamba. He’s also a very good runner. As you’d expect of an anarchist, he’s not at all keen on following a line, painted onto the roads of New York/Newcastle or any other big city hosting the […]

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Shakespeare’s Local at Rough Trade

24 September 2012 // Events //Pint/Cake

Pete Brown is Caught by the River’s kind of beer writer. Whether it’s writing a social history of laughing water or hosting evenings where brews are matched to music (Thornbridge Jaipur with the first Roses LP? Yeah, that works…), Pete understands beer and pub culture like no other British writer at the moment. His next […]

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An Evening of Songs & Stories with Jeb Loy Nichols

23 September 2012 // Events //Jeb's Jukebox //Music

Regular Caught by the River contributor Jeb Loy Nichols might have swapped the Midwest for mid Wales ten years back but he still writes perfect songs for wide open skies and big broken hearts. Over the past thirty years, Jeb has been the curator of the legendary Country Got Soul compilations, a frequent On-U Sound […]

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Corr Réisc

22 September 2012 // Poetry

A poem by Richard Skelton. Pulled along unseen, familial lines, the bird glides heavily with rigid, graceless wings. Eventually it will ground, this grey, silent kite. It cannot endure on memory and repulsion alone. This shy bird is corr réisc, the marsh bill, but it could equally be called an dealbh srutha, the river statue, […]

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