Brighter Later

31 October 2012 // Photography

8. Hampshire Brighter Later is a journey around Britain looking out to sea from each coastal county Today’s shoot takes place on the South Parade Pier in Portsmouth. The pier is sadly now closed to the general public, but if you’re a fisherman (or working for Caught by the River) you’re allowed on. Like a […]

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Beth Orton Competition Winners

30 October 2012 // Competition

Last weeks competition offered up the prize of a CD copy of ‘Sugaring Season’ the new album by Beth Orton. The question was: In what year was Beth the winner of ‘Best British Female’ at the BRIT Awards? And the answer is 2000. The winners are Penny Insole of Bristol, David Mackay of Frome and […]

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Otter Country

30 October 2012 // Books

Otter Country: In Search of the Wild Otter by Miriam Darlington Review by Chloe Evans. Obsessed by otters from childhood, a chance sighting in a Scottish loch one summer reawakens the interest of poet Miriam Darlington and triggers the journey related in Otter Country, in which she travels around Britain from her home near the […]

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A Man Made of Water

29 October 2012 // Poetry

A poem by Will Burns. In the afternoon my father and I went from the hospital straight to my grandfather’s house. We took off our coats, and sat down and I made coffee. My grandfather muted the television and asked how his wife was. She is the same, Dad. * * * We sat together […]

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Terry Callier – RIP

28 October 2012 // Music //Remembrance

Saddened to hear of the death of Terry Callier. Rest in peace.

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