The Music Book Reader Bulletin

31 January 2013 // Music Book Reader - Bulletin

Andy Childs with a round-up of recently published music books: No doubt about it, 2012 was an exceptional year for music books. When I first embarked on the Music Book Reader Bulletin I naively half suspected that I would struggle to find a decent book every month to review. But as it transpired I haven’t […]

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Brighter Later

30 January 2013 // Photography

9. Lancashire Brighter Later is a journey around Britain looking out to sea from each coastal county Today I’m heading to Lancashire, Morecambe to be specific. One of the joys of this trip is being able to visit seaside Victorian railway stations, Morecambe Promenade Station is no exception; a fabulous building. Sadly the railway no […]

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29 January 2013 // Poetry

A poem by Virginia Astley. I come to you in the evening, an old pact draws me to your edge to consider the day. Across the water night-fishermen cast and speak of baiting tactics, voices lapping in the reeds. Green and silvered barbel slink under lily pads twitching their caudal fins, and the small glubs […]

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A Celebration of Mills

28 January 2013 // Uncategorized

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2013 will be National Mills Weekend, an annual festival of our milling heritage. Writer, angler and friend of the river Charles Rangeley-Wison (whose fascination with mills you can read about in his article below) has come up with an idea for a project that we hope you – our […]

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Richardson in Zanderland

27 January 2013 // Richardson in Zanderland

The last Pike of the old year Charles Rangeley-Wilson and I were going to fish together for Pike today but a mid-morning telephone summit decided that it would be better waiting for the rain and wind to stop when conditions will be milder and propitious. Lunch eaten, I was cleaning reels and sorting gear when […]

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